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About Yelvertoft Marina - A green Marina - supporting Green Energy & Wildlife

The story of Yelvertoft Marina begins back in 2008, in the sloping field where we used to walk the dogs. Plans had been drawn up years before and submitted for approval - at last it was time to begin. The heavy machinery moved in and began the massive earthworks required to create the vision - a tranquil and beautiful marina, sympathetically created to enhance the local ecology.

Over the next 18 months, the sloping field would go through many changes, from a lovely field to a very large muddy puddle, then finally becoming recognisable as a marina. During those 18 months it was at times very difficult to believe the plans would ever become something real and tangible. As with any project of this size, unforeseen hiccups were encountered, but we got there and the marina opened for business in 2010. The first boat to enter the marina still occupies the same mooring today.

Yelvertoft Marina is very much a family run business - one which fosters a community feel. Over the last 6 years, the marina has matured and become established amongst the inland waterways. With vision and foresight, the marina has undergone further development to cater for the growing demands of our customers, a slipway was added in 2015 and workshops are currently under construction.

Yelvertoft Marina is more than just a business to us, it has afforded us the opportunity to meet so many interesting people from all walks of life, who have chosen our marina over so many others in the area to moor their boat. It is always a pleasure to meet our customers, whether briefly for a few months, or perhaps for years.

We sincerely hope you enjoy Yelvertoft Marina should you choose to moor your boat here, it was built on a love of the countryside and with the pride to make it the most tranquil, beautiful and enjoyable place to moor. Yelvertoft Marina - the place to be!

Richard & James.

Telephone: 01788 822292